About Us

seth-headshotOld Town Spring’s Sanders family had a vision over 37 years ago…

People were driving miles to eat at Spring Café, known for their hand-patted burgers. My father and uncle began to notice that the patrons who came to eat had nothing to do during their wait for a table.  They decided to bring historic German farm houses into an already German rich population and rent them to area merchants. Their vision grew and became the reality that is now called Old Town Spring.

Over time, the Spring Café building became the current day Wunsche Brothers and Old Town Spring grew! Along the way, we opened Puffabellys Restaurant and have now been open for 22 years. To this day we keep thinking of ways to expand on our vision, the growth and popularity of Old Town Spring.

During the past few years, I have noticed many wedding parties coming to Old Town Spring for photography opportunities.  We have great bridal boutiques, hair and makeup artists and photographers in town, but no venue that would hold a large event. After listening to what was needed in the area and gathering information, we decided to open a venue. The plans went into motion and we broke ground in the Fall of 2016.

As my family searched for a name, we discovered so many great German halls around Texas. Old Town Spring and the surrounding area is saturated with German history. We decided on the name Hochzeit Hall, meaning wedding or marriage in German, a perfect fit for our hall.

The Sanders Family welcomes you to Hochzeit Hall and Old Town Spring.  A new chapter has begun in our lives, and we are excited to create many precious memories with you during this wonderful time in your life!

Welcome to Hochzeit Hall!

Seth Sanders